ONCE again, our readers managed to identify last week's Craven Curiosity.

Both Alan King and Stuart Ballard said it was a device used to weigh eggs.

And Mr Ballard said: "It brings back memories of more than 60 years ago when we used to clean eggs and grade them before sending off to the Egg Marketing Board. I remember using the egg scale from time to time to reinforce my grading skills of the size (weight) of an egg before putting into egg-trays of large, medium, and small eggs."

Jonathan Mosley, Ian Kavanagh, Anne Lindsay and Walter Slingsby also guessed it was a form of weighing scale.

Experts from Craven Museum and Gallery tell us: "This egg weigher was used by farmers to weigh their eggs. It was made in Germany during the 1930s and used in the UK during World War Two.

"At the time of its use, farmers weighed their eggs before sending them to the Egg Marketing Board to be redistributed for rationing. Farmers would only get paid for eggs over a certain size. Any eggs that were too small could be kept by the farmer.

"This object was kindly donated to the museum by David Frankland."

All items featured in this column can be viewed at the Craven District Council-run museum which is located at Skipton Town Hall.

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