THERE were no correct answers to last week's Craven Curiosity.

We had several suggestions, including anchor pin, an old garden dibber and part of a rabbit snare.

It was, in fact, a rope splicer.

Experts at Craven Museum and Gallery tell us: "A splicer is used in rope making and forms a temporary joint between two ropes. A splice is much stronger than a knot as it is much reliable than a knot.

"There are several types of splice ranging from a back splice to a side splice depending on the technique on how the splice is presented. This particular splice is a wooden hand-held tool or a ‘fid’ which is shaped to a rounded point at one end."

All items featured in this column can be viewed at the Craven District Council-run museum which is located at Skipton Town Hall. It is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10am to 4pm

Meanwhile, we are inviting guesses about this week’s mystery object. Suggestions can be emailed to, to arrive no later than noon on Monday