THIS is the second part of the West Craven Way.

As last week's walk, it covers 12 miles, but this time takes Horton-in-Craven, Bracewell and the outskirts of Barnoldswick.

It starts at the Cross Keys, West Marton, and ends at the Anchor Inn, Salterforth, and could be combined with last week's walk to make a circular route.

It is one of many promoted by Pendle Council and more can be found at or call at one of the local tourist information centres.

Fact file:

Start: Cross Keys, West Marton.

Distance; 12 miles.

OS Map: Landranger 103.

Refreshments: Pubs at start and finish.

Step by step:

(M) From pub car park, cross lane, past houses on right to path in trees which runs parallel to the A59. Follow path to Ingthorpe Lane. Turn right along lane for one mile to Ingthorpe Grange (N). Go past the Grange on tarmac track then turn immediately left through farmyard. Through the gate go diagonally right up the slope to the fence. Over the stile go diagonally left across field to stone stile in wall. Head over brow, then downhill to left hand gate. Through the gate bear left and follow fence to gate to right of house. Through the gate turn left to junction. A few yards down to the left you will find Gledstone Hall (O), but the route now turns right towards Gisburn. Take the next track on the right past Marton Scar. Follow the track through the fields past barn. As you walk through the area you will notice the Drumlins (P).

The track then bears left towards farm. Go through farmyard to gate where track turns right. Do not follow metalled track, but keep straight on following grass track down slope. As this track turns left still proceed straight keeping hedge to left. At the first telephone pole, bear right towards house. Go through

gate keeping hedge to left. At the house go through gate into the garden keeping house to your left onto the road. Follow the road into Horton and through the village (Q), past Paradise Chapel on left. Past the farm buildings, take footpath up the half hidden steps through the hedge on left then go right through a gate to stile by the trees. Over the stile, go right keeping hedge to your right. After crossing the stream proceed across the field, keeping building to your right, over stile to A59.

Carefully cross road and over stile follow bank on your left to reach a stile by the stream. Over the next stile, bear left across the field to go over stone wall via stone stile. Head across the field, past left hand telephone pole. At the wall/fence turn right downhill to the footbridge to cross Stock Beck (R). Follow path over the stile, then keeping the hidden track to left proceed to small car park opposite Bracewell Parish Church (S). Turn right then left after churchyard towards Priory Cottage. After a few yards, turn right through a gate, keeping to the right of the tennis court, bear left to a stone stile. Cross the field skirting the left edge of the plantation. Bear slightly left past a small copse to the fence. Continue along the fence, then 100 metres from the end of the field turn right diagonally across to the far right hand side of the field. Over the stile continue straight ahead through the gate keeping the wall to your left, passing a plantation and small lake to your right. Go through a kissing gate and just before the next gate turn left over the ladder stile. Keeping the field boundary on your right continue over stile down to the stream. Cross the footbridge then pass through squeeze stile in wall to your right. Go uphill over two stiles into the farmyard. Turn right and follow path over a stile and round the buildings towards Brogden Lane.

Just before Brogden Lane, turn right through gate and up track. Go straight on through next gate. Once through the next gate go diagonally left through another gate and across field to corner of fence where you bear right following the fence to gate. Through gate, follow track through Coverdale Farm to the junction of Coal Pit Lane and Howgill Lane. Turn left up stone track. At Brogden Lane (T) (once part of a Roman road), follow track towards Cowdale Clough. At farm entrance keep straight on uphill through gate ahead. At the next gate go slightly left continuing up hill keeping wall to left, through the next gate bear left again up to Weets House and the mast. At the gate in front of Weets House you are at the top of your climb. However having come so far you may want to complete the climb to the summit of Weets Hill (U) for stunning views across Barnoldswick towards Yorkshire or across East Lancashire to Pendle Hill.

Once through the gate follow the Gisburn Old Road (V) for half a mile and turn left up track before Star Hall. Continue uphill, through gate turn left to another gate. Through gate turn right uphill bearing slightly left gradually leaving wall. At the gate on the brow of the hill go over the wall via stone stile and head for large sculpted heads.

Past the heads go through gate and across the front of the buildings. Do not go down track but turn sharp left after houses and proceed to wall. At the wall turn right walking between wall on left and line of tress to wooden stile. Over the stile follow walled track. Immediately before Higher View turn right over wooden stile and keeping wall to left continue along field to a footbridge. Up the steps continue to follow wall to stone stile. Over the stile head diagonally left down moor to field corner and follow wall downhill. Under trees near the bottom of the field turn left over stone stile then right through gate. Follow track around houses and down to road.

Cross the road turn right and then left into Letcliffe Country Park. Continue through the park to wall. Through gap, go diagonally right across field towards large trees and over ladder stile. At corner of wall cross track and straight to gap in wall. Through gap follow wall, to left, down to corner, turn left over wooden stile and continue across field with fence to your left. Over the next wooden stile bear right crossing another wooden stile and head diagonally left to main Road. Turn right, over the canal turn right again down to canal towpath and left. Continue back to Anchor Inn at Salterforth.