THIS is the kind of walk to do when you've not much time.

It only takes one and a half to two hours, and it is very accessible, setting off as it does from Gargrave. But it is immensely rewarding.

Within a short time and a short climb, you are high above Gargrave, with all round views to Pendle Hill and Eshton Moor.

Much of the walk is on either Mark House Lane, an historic green lane between Gargrave and Bell Busk. It also includes a large section of the Pennine Way and a section of a bridleway.

It is also a good walk for wildlife. I've spotted hare in the fields and next to the River Aire, which is more of a large stream here, there are plenty of water loving birds to be seen.

Do be careful in wet weather though, it can get very muddy across the fields.

Step by step

1. From Gargrave, cross over the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, and bear right, onto Mark House Lane, pass Gargrave House, now flats, on left, and continue along, gently uphill to Pennine Way signposted off lane on right hand side.

2 Gentle uphill climb across field, keeping to the left to a metal gate with stile next to it on right. Go into next field, and follow path as it bears slightly to left, uphill to another gate. Cross over field, you are heading to the drystone wall on your right. The bridleway comes up from a point further along Mark House Lane and will meet the footpath at the top of the field, next to the wall. Continue along the edge of the field to a gate in the corner. Pass through gate into a large, open field and cross downhill, following a middle line. To your left, you will see the tumulus. Continue to a double gate and pass through into another field. Keeping to the left here, head for a freestanding post, signed bridlepath to the left, Bell Busk.

3 The bridlepath goes through a gate in the wall. Follow the path straight ahead, and then head for the second gap in the wall coming up to meet you on the right. Go through gap, and follow the path, keeping wall on your left. The path goes quite steeply down hill to a five bar gate, pass through gate and cross over a field, through another gate and into another field. The River Aire is here on your right, follow the path, keeping the river to your right and up to a gate behind The Thack. You pass behind the house here and then out onto the driveway, walking along it back to Mark House Lane.

4. Turn left, back along Mark House Lane. Continue, gently uphill, passing houses on right and left and turning sharp left at entrance to Hesper Farm, straight ahead. The dairy farm produces Skyr, which is sold at Keelham Farm Shop. Continue along Mark House Lane for some way as it winds its way gradually back to where you started.

Fact file

Area: Gargrave, Bell Busk

Distance: four miles (6.4km)

Time taken: One-and-a-half to two hours

Level of difficulty: Easy, with one short climb

Terrain: Lane, fields and moorland

Livestock: Depending on the time of the year, sheep and cattle

Parking: Free parking in Gargrave

Refreshments: Pubs, cafes and shops in Gargrave

Gates: Some stiles and gates, all very accessible

OS Map: Landranger 105