DIVERSITY in Stitch, Wire and Wool is the title of the new exhibition which opens at the Gallery on the Green in Settle on Sunday.

As spring flowers start to bloom around the gallery, local artist and former art teacher Catherine Holland takes as her theme for the exhibition the concept of waiting for the release that spring brings after a season of being caged in.

Because of the confines of the gallery, housed in a former BT telephone box, she has adapted her work to fit on canvas sheets that will hang from the roof ledges.

There are three strips of canvas in total and two of them have three pieces of work attached and the centre piece has two, and both of these are relief work.

Cate Holland’s interest in art using different materials started when she was young and her father, a builder and plumber, allowed her to sit with him while he drew building plans and coloured them.

Her mother was also artistic and made glass pictures using tin foil wrappers off chocolates to create crinoline ladies and old English gardens.

Cate did a degree in fine art at Manchester Polytechnic and then a post graduate qualification in secondary education. While doing her degree course she worked in metal, wood and cloth and loved creating various styles of artwork.

She taught art for 25 years to secondary schoolchildren and also taught adults.

After retiring she took a City and Guild course in textiles at Craven College, and his started her using materials in different ways.

She said: “I hope that people will enjoy visiting the gallery and will use my comments book.”

The current exhibition, which runs until May 13, shows a cross section of her present work.