A motorist stopped by police in Skipton because his headlights were not on was over the drink-drive limit, a court heard.

Harry Chamberlain, 46, had been making a short, unnecessary journey when he was stopped by police in Rombalds Drive at 7pm on October 12, Skipton magistrates heard on Friday.

Police had stopped him because it was getting dark and his lights were not on, but breathalysed him after suspecting he had been drinking.

He provided a positive test and was taken to the police station where he was found to have 81 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath, the legal limit is 35.

Chamberlain, of Western Road, Skipton, who admitted drink-driving, had become depressed about the lack of contact with his children, who lived with his ex-partner, the court was told in mitigation.

Paul Fitzpatrick said as a result, Chamberlain had become increasingly dependent on alcohol.

He was seeking to address his drinking by attending the Craven Organisation for Drugs and Alcohol (CODA).

Mr Fitzpatrick added Chamberlain worked in the construction industry and would suffer by not being able to drive.

He was banned from driving for 20 months and fined £300 with £85 costs and £30 victims surcharge. If he completes a drink drivers’ rehabilitation course costing £220 by October 30 next year, his ban will be reduced by a quarter.