A motorist who collided with a schoolgirl as she dashed across a Skipton road has appealed to parents to drum home the safety message.

Kat Green was at the front of the queue at traffic lights on Keighley Road when she says a 11-year-old girl ran across the road as the lights turned to green.

“There was nothing I could do, she was running to try to reach the island in the middle of the road.

“The car clipped her leg and she went down in the road,” said Kat.

Fortunately, the girl was fine, apart from a slight graze to her leg and sore head, where she had fallen back in the road.

But Kat believes it could have been a lot worse and wants parents to be aware of the dangers.

“I wasn’t going fast, the lights had just changed, but I could have been going faster.

“It really shook me up so much that I wanted to warn parents,” she said.

Following the accident, Kat believes police have been into schools to teach children road safety.

“It should be parents too though. Children are very vulnerable when they go from primary to high schools and need to be taught how to cross roads,” said Kat.