A new six-part BBC series, some of which was shot in Craven, will take to the screen next week.

Scenes in Last Tango in Halifax, which stars Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid, were shot in High Street, Skipton, and Limehouse Lane, near Carleton.

Viewers will recognise the locations in a car chase featuring both Jacobi and Reid which was filmed by the series makers, Red Production Company.

Location manager Andy Morgan said the action involved the characters driving to Skipton for a day out.

“The town has a very distinctive High Street with the church at the top, so we wanted to film if for real. We had a fun but slightly stressful day. Skipton looks great on camera.”

The romantic comedy was penned by Sally Wainwright and sees childhood sweethearts Alan, played by Jacobi, and Celia – Reid – reunited after 60 years But the uplifting tale of true love is anything but smooth and the pair are surprised to find their own families, especially daughters Caroline played by Sarah Lancashire and Gillian played by Nicola Walker, create obstacles.

Sally said: “Over six parts we really get under the skin of these characters and as their stories unfold I think audiences will really relate to them.”

Speaking about her part, Anne Reid said: “I had one of the best times in my career doing it. Last Tango is about real people with truth as its backbone. It has humour and drama and original, interesting characters. I’m very proud to be in it.”

And Derek Jacobi commented: “The show is wonderfully written and it was fantastic for me to be playing a very different type of character to those I usually play.”

The hour-long six-episode series starts on BBC 1 on Tuesday at 9pm.