Moonlight and the intermittent glow from a security lamp were the backdrop to the last meeting of Barden Parish.

For those who turned up for the twice-yearly event found themselves locked out of the Montessori School hall, which doubles as the parish meeting place.

Someone had forgotten to open up.

So, resourceful as ever and in good spirits, they battled on rather than retire to the pub at Appletreewick.

County Coun Robert Heseltine, who attended, said: “For the time of year it was a nice balmy evening. It was not even pitch black, but nice and clear. We could have adjourned to the pub but decided to hold it there, alfresco so to speak.

“It was a bit cold, so we all gathered round. Luckily, there was a security light which could be activated. So someone waived their arms about every now-and-then to switch it on and we spent about 30 minutes there.”

Parish meeting chairman David Spencer said he believed an email message had not been picked up.

“I suggested it was best to stay where we were than go somewhere else in case somebody else turned up. We were lucky it was a nice night - it may have been different in the rain.”