Carleton Endowed Primary has gone from being a failing school to one that is good with outstanding features.

In just three years, it has raised its overall rating from four (inadequate) to two (good).

“We are very pleased,” said headteacher Duggie Speight. “To go from being a failing school to one that is good with outstanding features is fantastic. It is due to the hard work of everyone.”

Ofsted inspectors said the 125-pupil school had made significant improvements and its main strengths were the astute leadership of the head, pupils’ achievements, behaviour, the care of pupils and engagement with parents and carers.

They added: “It is not yet outstanding because the proportion of outstanding teaching is not high enough. Also there are shortcomings in pupils’ handwriting and a lack of technical accuracy in their writing.”

But the inspectors said youngsters made good progress and attainment was above average in English and maths by the time they left.

“Teaching is mainly good with outstanding practice evident,” the report added. “Teachers provide stimulating activities that capture and maintain pupils’ interest. Classrooms are managed well so there is no disruption to learning.”

The inspectors praised the children’s behaviour, saying they were extremely polite, courteous and considerate.

“Pupils have excellent, enthusiastic attitudes to learning and show high levels of engagement in their activities. Pupils say that bullying in school is very rare and any is dealt with quickly by staff. They feel safe and secure,” said the inspectors.

There was praise too for Mr Speight, who was described as the driving force behind the improvements.

“His challenging vision for further development is shared by the governing body and all staff and morale is high,” the inspectors added.

They highlighted two areas for further improvements - raising the attainment of pupils’ handwriting and their ability to write grammatically correct sentences, and increasing the proportion of outstanding teaching by sharing outstanding practice, increasing opportunities for pupils to work independently and ensuring pupils had time to reflect on their learning.