Pupils at Long Preston Primary School know a thing or two about sand dams.

They recently played host to Rotarians Derek Coultherd and Ian Carling, who explained how the organisation was helping to fund such dams in Africa. Holding a mixture of sand and water which is resistant to evaporation, the dams provide a permanent and sustainable supply of water and also raise the water table, creating a micro climate to increase agricultural yields. Up to 1,000 people can benefit from a single dam.

Rotarians have already commissioned two dams and are actively raising funds to construct another next year.

The children learned how a sand dam was constructed and how ample clean water could reduce diseases such as malaria and increase food supplies. They were particularly impressed that children could attend school instead of making distant journeys to collect drinking water.

“The children showed a lot of interest, asked some really bright questions and appreciated that children in other parts of the world don’t have the benefit of clean running water on tap,” said a Rotary spokesman.