Few will have realised the momentous occasion that took place in Skipton last week.

For the first time in its almost 40 year history, Skipton Town Council created a new set of byelaws.

The market byelaws, which follow a standardised set of rules adopted by markets up and down the country, are in preparation for the council taking over the control of Skipton Market from Craven District Council in March 2013.

Chief officer for Skipton Town Council Dave Parker said: “Generally, most things are covered by other legislation - so byelaws are very rarely required.

“In this case, there are some aspects of the market which may not be covered by other laws, and this has led to the somewhat momentous occasion where the council is, in effect, creating new laws.”

The new byelaws were sealed by the town council at its meeting on Thursday.

“Byelaws created by one local authority cannot be transferred to another authority, so, as part of the process of taking over the market from Craven District Council, we needed to create a new set to operate from next year,” Mr Parker added.

He said the council was using a model which has been approved by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

He said: “These cover just the underlying legislation surrounding the operation of a market - and a separate set of rules for the day-to-day operation of the market is currently being negotiated with all interested parties.”

Anyone wishing to object to the new byelaws now has a month to notify the DCLG, after which they will be given final approval by the Secretary of State.

The existing byelaws, sealed by Craven District Council in July, 1992, will be revoked on the day the new byelaws come into effect.