The Planning Inspectorate has dismissed an appeal to build a 60ft wind turbine in a drumlin field at Bracewell.

The applicants, Mr and Mrs Michael Ashby, of Yarlside Farm, had been seeking to put up the 10-kilowatt, 19.8-metre turbine in a field by the A59.

But several residents of Horton Lodge, a gated community across the road, objected saying the turbine would be a “blot on the landscape” and the noise pollution and shadow flicker generated would be unwelcome.

The Ashbys, who already have planning permission to build a 18.1-metre turbine with smaller blades closer to their home, submitted the new plan in November 2011. It was refused in March.

Planning inspector RPE Mellor dismissed the appeal, saying a similar development could be implemented under the current planning permission and would create substantial environmental and economic benefits but “with significantly less harm to the landscape and the visual environment”, as well as a reduced noise threat to residents.