Two former councillors have raised concerns about how prescriptions are being dispensed in Cross Hills.

Retired Craven district councillors Roger and Margaret Nicholson have received complaints from residents who are concerned that the Cross Hills Group Practice has sent their prescriptions to Cross Hills Pharmacy, which was set up as a collaboration between the GP partners and Pharm-Assist Healthcare Ltd.

In a letter to the Craven Herald, the Nicholsons said: “Our latest query is that when people go to collect a prescription from the health centre at Cross Hills they find their script has been sent to the adjacent pharmacy where they feel obliged to have it made up.

“They are not happy about this, but feel coerced and are reluctant to complain. We have already had the closure of one local pharmacy and believe there could be another because of loss of trade. We would point out to the public that you have the right to choose where your prescription is made up.”

A spokesman for Cross Hills Group Practice said: “We endeavour to direct prescriptions to wherever our patients request for their convenience. If patients have any concerns regarding the requests they have made and the destination of their prescriptions, the practice manager would like to know so she can investigate this and ensure our patient choice policy is upheld.

“The prescription is the property of the patient and it is their choice as to where they request to collect it and also where they choose to get it dispensed.”