A 24-year-old stole two mobile phones belonging to his partner to get money for drugs, Skipton magistrates heard.

Martin Derby, also known as Martin Fell, sold one £200 phone for £80 at a pawn shop, and just over a month later sold its replacement, the court was told.

Derby took Yemi Tatham’s Sony Xperia phone from their home in Ingleton on September 10, and on the same day sold it at Cash In A Dash in Lancaster.

Prosecuting, Niall Carlin said Derby had told his girlfriend that the phone had been damaged and had needed replacing.

Derby then sold the replacement phone sometime between October 23 and October 31 at Virtual Computers in Lancaster.

Mr Carlin said Derby had told police he had taken the phones because he had been under stress and needed money to buy cannabis.

Derby, who admitted two counts of theft and two of fraud by false representation, said he and his girlfriend were still together and were expecting their first child.

Magistrates gave Derby, of Main Street, an 18-month community order with supervision to address housing, financial and mental health issues.