The dead tree in Skipton’s historic avenue of lime trees in High Street, is to be replaced in time for next spring’s new growth.

Skipton Town Council has put aside about £1,300 to pay for a new specimen, which has already been earmarked at a nursery in Southport.

It is a Tilia variety of lime and will stand about 2.5 metres high and have a girth of between 14 and 16 centimetres.

Les Chandler, the town council’s project manager, said: “There are things which are essential to its survival – its roots must be anchored down properly and deflected downwards so as not to dislodge the setts when it grows and there must be special irrigation provision to ensure its survival.

“The tree must not be too big or so small that it is damaged by traffic of people. And the conditions have to be just right to lift it at the nursery and plant in High Street.”

The work will be done between now and March and on a day when there is no market.

The 14 trees – seven on either side of the High Street – were planted in 1887 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee.