A woman from Skipton is hoping to publish a travel guide for disabled people visiting the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Twenty-year-old Emily Yates was a Gamesmaker volunteer at the 2012 Paralympics in London and so inspired Lord Sebastian Coe during the games that she was mentioned in his speech at the closing ceremony.

Following that praise, Emily has been equally inspired to do something to empower disabled people in the lead-up to the Paralympics in Rio.

“It would be nice to do something to represent disabled people in the future,” said Emily, a former pupil at South Craven School and Skipton Parish Church Primary School.

Emily, who suffers from cerebral palsy and has been in a wheelchair since the age of nine, is an experienced traveller.

She has used travel guides to get around but said they usually included very limited information for people with a disability.

She said: “Ideally I’d like it to be a book that would include reviews on hotels, restaurants, public transport and general information on helping people to get around.

“Hopefully this will allow people to experience the buzz and vibe of the Paralympic Games.” Emily, 20, got the chance to meet Lord Coe again and promote her idea when the two appeared on BBC programme, The One Show, in early December.

“It was brilliant to see Seb again and he supported what I’m doing,” said Emily, who hopes that he might write the foreword for the book if it is published.

Emily, a student at the Queen Mary University of London, said that her idea was in the “very early stages” and she would require funding to help get it off the ground.

She is due to meet officials from the British Paralympic Association this month to pitch the idea to them.

She said if she got backing for the book, she could spend the next couple of years developing it.