Knit and natter clubs – and all their variations – have proved to be a wonderful thing for older and possibly, lonely, people.

Groups of ladies, and it is normally women, gather maybe once a week to knit and to socialise at the same time.

And for those who may live alone, or who spend much of their time caring for someone, it is a great way to get out of the house and keep the mind active.

Now, in Skipton, a new group is to hold its first meeting later this month, on Thursday, January 24 – but instead of knitting, the ladies will be making their favourite soup recipes.

So, whether its leek and potato, lentil and oregano, or even just plain tomato – soup making is set to be the next big thing.

The venture is being jointly run by charities, The Carers Resource and CareFree and will be based at the Greatwood and Horse Close Community Centre.

Debi Hawkins, from Carers Resource, said the new group would be about a lot more than soup.

“It will offer a real opportunity for carers and other isolated people living in our community to come together,” she said.

“Making and eating food is a real coming-together activity and lots of people have favourite soup recipes they can share.”

Estate resident Jean Thornber said she would definitely be signing up.

“I think it’s a very good idea, and I’ve got a favourite soup recipe – it’s leek and potato.”

Fellow resident Eveline Hoy added: “I used to make a lot of soup and will be coming along.”

A number of volunteers have already stepped forward and it is hoped that the group will be able to produce a seasonal soup book.

In addition to soup, club members will also be able to try their hands at craft activities – all aimed at giving people a break.

“Ideally, the club will lead onto a cooking or baking club, so we’d love to hear from anyone with any skills in this area,” said Debi.

Anyone wanting to join the group needs to book a place at its launch on January 24. Contact Debi Hawkins at The Carers Resource on 01756 693666 or email dhawkins