Businesses in a Skipton street are furious after double yellow lines were painted outside their premises.

The shops in Otley Street, including two butchers, cafés and a cake shop, regularly have delivery vans unload on single yellow lines.

But this week, solid double yellows replaced the old markings, preventing any parking or stopping along the length of the street.

It follows a mistake by contractors for North Yorkshire County Council who painted double yellow lines across the junction of Otley Street – which are now to be removed.

A council spokesman said the repainting of lines across the county was taking place in preparation for it taking over responsibility for parking enforcement from the police at the end of next month.

He said double yellow lines had been painted in Otley Street to enforce existing no- waiting signs, but businesses would still be able to make deliveries.

But Paul Watson, owner of The Coffee Mill and Fanticy Cakes, said: “Double yellow, as anyone knows, means you can’t stop. If North Yorkshire County Council is telling us we can stop, then I want to know who’s going to tell the traffic wardens.”

He added that there was limited access to businesses on the left hand side of the street and none at all on the right.

“When people come to collect cakes they need to park outside because cakes are delicate and need to be handled carefully,” he said.

Mr Watson added he could not understand how the original single lines had been changed to doubles without any prior consultation.

A council spokesman said the council would take over responsibility for parking enforcement from the police on May 30.

“Civil parking enforcement has been in operation in Harrogate borough since 2002 and Scarborough borough since 2007 and is now going county-wide.

“In preparation for the transfer of responsibility, it is important that all Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) and associated traffic signs and road markings in the county are checked to ensure that they are consistent and comply with legal requirements.

“In the case of Otley Street, double yellow line road markings have been installed to achieve consistency with the existing ‘no waiting at anytime’ traffic regulation order as the road is so narrow it is easily obstructed by parked vehicles.

“Vehicles are still allowed to load and unload on Otley Street and highways officers will be contacting local traders to reassure them that deliveries are unaffected by the change in the road markings.”

The spokesman added that the lines across the junction of Otley Street with High Street were a mistake by the contractor and would be put right at no cost to the public.