A wide variety of cookery demonstrations will be the highlight of Barnoldswick’s tasty second annual food festival.

The festival will be held in conjunction with the Chamber of Trade’s St George’s Day celebrations which will take place in the town square on Saturday, from 10am to 4pm.

The food festival, which will be held inside the Rainhall Centre from 10am to 3pm, will include a town taster trail, where samples will be available to try.

Taking inspiration from Masterchef, there will also be a palate tasting competition to guess the ingredients in a dish made by Amaali.

Philippa James, from Lancashire-based Philippa’s Cookery School, will demonstrate the foods and cooking methods from World War Two and Yesmien Rahman from Amaali of Skipton, who has cooked alongside Madhur Jaffrey, will demonstrate an Asian fish curry recipe and hold children’s chapatti making sessions.

Medicinal herbalist Danielle Kay will demonstrate how to make pesto from locally foraged foods, The Raj will demonstrate a Balti recipe and Live-Well-Eat-Well will be on site to show how to make a healthy soup.

Representatives from Pendle Council’s ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ campaign will show residents how to use up all their leftovers.

For more information on the St George’s Day celebrations, contact Richard Milner on 07731 112334, and for information on the food festival, contact the Rainhall Centre on 01282 818250.