Barnoldswick pensioner Joan Shaw will be turning shades of red to raise money for two charities.

Joan, 77, has volunteered to have her normally grey hair dyed all different shades of red in a bid to raise as much money as possible for Barnoldswick and Earby Bosom Friends and Help for Heroes.

Joan’s grandaughter Sarah Gane, who has just completed a hairdressing course, will carry out the transformation on Sunday.

“I am leaving it in her hands, but have decided that it will be all different shades of red, right through to copper,” said Joan.

Being grey, Joan’s hair will have to be bleached first before the different colours are applied and she says she may leave some white to add to the rainbow effect.

“I knew that it would be no good sticking to a normal colour like brown if I wanted people to sponsor me, but my daughter has warned me that I will be stuck with it until all the red grows out,” she added.

“But both charities do such a lot of good work, it is good to support them.”

Joan has been a volunteer with Bosom Friends for a number of years and said that she wished the group had been around when her late husband, Bert, died from cancer 17 years ago.

“I would have loved someone to talk to at the time and I know the monthly support group that Bosom Friends started this year is much appreciated,” she said.

Sponsor forms are in many town centre shops and Joan went round collecting pledges on the town square during a recent music festival.

People can choose to sponsor one of the two charities or split their donation between the two.