The children of Long Preston Primary School had a busy run up to the end of term.

Concluding their topic of All The World’s A Stage, they gave two performances of their summer production, The Hunt For William Shakespeare.

The musical followed two country boys (played by Joseph Clayton and James Beresford) on their journey to London to track down the famous but elusive playwright William Shakespeare (James Bogg) and join his troupe of players.

Along the way the audience was treated to some of the most famous scenes of Shakespeare’s plays, as performed by the actors of 1598, including the opening scene of Romeo and Juliet - with an enthusiastically acted sword fight!

The children coped admirably with a vast number of lines – in the original Shakespearean language – and some technically challenging songs.

And, on the last day of term, the school welcomed The King's Men, part of the famous choir of King's College, Cambridge.

The men, who have just embarked on a grand world tour, started their journey in Long Preston as part of the local Heritage Group project, The monks, the beams and the cow that jumped over the Moon.

The choir performed varied songs ranging from an Italian madrigal and French chanson to the sea shanty Twas in the Broad Atlantic and The Beach Boys’ I Get Around.

They finished with their arrangement of the nursery rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle, to which the children responded with their own version of the same tune, based on a composition by year six pupil Hannah Glossop, who also accompanied them on her flute.