Bosom Friends, a West Craven-based charity that offers support, advice and help to cancer sufferers and their families, is hoping to launch a new group in Skipton.

Bosom Friends was founded in 2000 by Mary Brennan, who felt isolated when she underwent treatment for cancer and decided to use her experience to form a support group that would help others.

That fledgling group has gone from strength to strength, helping countless numbers of cancer sufferers and their families, both financially as well as emotionally.

Since February, a group of people in Skipton has been fundraising and spreading the word about the charity, with a view to starting regular support meetings.

Mary said: “Every penny we raise goes directly to support local people who are living with cancer and we are so pleased to see our profile being raised here in Craven.

“There have been a couple of quiz nights and I know that more events are planned – it will be great to get more people involved and help spread the word about our organisation, which is a really local charity for local people.”

Craven woman Rebecca Lawrence has first-hand experience of the charity’s help and support after she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

It helped to fund repairs to her car after it broke down while she was making daily trips to Leeds for treatment.

She said: “Since completing my treatment I’ve been attending the regular peer support sessions at Barnoldswick with my partner.

“I decided I wanted to thank Mary and Bosom Friends by raising funds.

“We get lots of support and information from the groups and it’s great to talk to others who know what I’m going through, but who also know what my partner is experiencing.”

Debi Hawkins, the local contact for Bosom Friends, said: “We are having an open meeting for people to find out more about starting a Skipton-based cancer support group.

“It will include presentations from Bosom Friends’ trustees as well as from two members who co-ordinate the peer support sessions that run in Barnoldswick, the idea being that these groups can be replicated in Skipton.”

The meeting will be at the Soroptimist Rooms in Otley Street, Skipton, on Tuesday, October 1, at 7pm. It is open to anyone interested in attending support group meetings and for anyone interested in helping to set up the meetings.

For more information, contact Debi on 07966 105540 or email debihawkins@