A councillor in Carleton-in-Craven says that a busy road through the village is in dire need of re-marking.

“Anyone that travels on the main road through the village will notice that the markings are almost non-existent,” said Richard Simpson, chairman of Carleton-in-Craven Parish Council.

“It’s a major rat run from East Lancashire and gets a lot of traffic for such a small village.”

Coun Simpson said the markings should highlight the 20mph speed limit, the speed tables and the road junctions.

Parish clerk John Preston added: “North Yorkshire County Council will re-mark white lines where they think it is necessary or where there is a safety issue.

“Carleton-in-Craven is no different to other villages in North Yorkshire but the county council just has not got the money to do much at all these days.

“Ironically, I was up Shortbank Road in Skipton recently and noticed that all the road markings were immaculate.

“If they have not been done recently then they are lasting remarkably well.”

A spokesman for North Yorkshire County Council said there were plans to do the road markings in Carleton-in-Craven.

The spokesman said: “An order has already been passed to our contractor to renew the road markings at the junctions and at the speed tables.

“When the marking can be done will depend on the weather and any salt on the road.”