An indication that an increase in council tax is being considered by Craven District Council was revealed by the leader of the council.

In his report to council, Coun Chris Knowles-Fitton (Cons) said the need to increase the council’s tax base was “paramount”.

Coun Knowles-Fitton, whose attempts to increase council tax last year were defeated, said the council had once again been offered £35,000 by central government to freeze council tax.

If the council decides to leave its precept unchanged, it will be the fourth year in a row. Meanwhile, North Yorkshire County Council has strongly indicated it is considering a rise in its part of the council tax.

“The offer for next year is only one per cent – which is approximately £35,000, but I’m minded to consider the maximum council tax increase we can apply, which is 1.63 per cent,” said Coun Knowles-Fitton.

“While the difference in money terms isn’t that much, we haven’t for three years increased our council tax base and the need to start doing that is paramount.”