The Ribble Rivers Trust is about to begin work around Settle Football Field to improve the river habitat for wildlife.

The works – which are expected to take place between January and March – include erecting a fence around the football field and planting 500 native trees adjacent to the river. The public footpath will remain unaffected.

The fence will protect the playing field and car parking area, while the trees will help to slow the erosion of the riverbank and create shade to keep the water temperature cool for fish. Species such as dippers, kingfishers, otters and river flies will also benefit from the new woodland.

The improvements to the habitat will complement past works on this stretch of the River Ribble, including the fish and eel passes on Settle Weir.

The trust is working closely with the Forestry Commission and the Environment Agency on the project, which is being funded by Defra’s Catchment Restoration Fund.

Local volunteers will assist the trust with the tree planting and anyone wishing to help should e-mail