An 84-year-old Cross Hills woman is on a mission to show that age is no barrier to staying fit.

Pauline Wellard has been attending a gym for the past 17 years.

“Exercising keeps the pain of my osteoporosis under control and it keeps me fit,” she said. “I keep active because I think it is important to keep fit, especially when we get older.

“Exercise should play a part in our lives whatever our age, and it is never too late to start.”

Pauline goes to Hi Energy Health Club, in Russell Street, Keighley, and has been attending since the gym opened in 1996.

“The staff at Hi Energy are experts in their field,” she added. “They are always willing to help and make going to the gym a pleasure.”

Bridget Blaymey-Simpson, manager at the health club, said: “Pauline attends at least two to three times a week and varies her exercise regime.

“She shows great dedication and her determination is second to none. She is an inspiration to me and all other members, and I hope in years to come I have that same commitment and passion.”