Maths at Settle Primary School is top of the class.

A new, across-the-school approach to numeracy has been introduced, which is already exciting children from nursery up to age 11.

Head teacher Richard Wright said: “To maintain the highest standards, we have invested in resources and are working with Settle College to ensure the maths we do is relevant, fun and appropriate from our very youngest children, right up to those about to move on to secondary school.

“We are now using a whole school-based system which utilises attractive and very cleverly designed resources which help youngsters to spot the practical applications of mathematical problems and understand numbers.

“Our numeracy co-ordinator Laura Thompson has done a great deal of work and research and we are convinced it will help pupils with their understanding, whatever their age.”

Last term, Miss Thompson was instrumental in forging strong links with Settle College’s maths department which led to Number Day in December, which was enjoyed by children from all the primary schools in the area, as well as Settle College.