A 20-year-old mother of three who admitted to stealing from a Skipton charity shop was given a conditional discharge.

Romanian, Monica Tudor, travelled to the town from Manchester on May 18 last year with a friend where they stole £60 of clothes and other items from Cancer Research UK, Skipton magistrates heard on Friday.

The pair were questioned by police after a member of the public reported them for trying to collect money for a non-existent centre for the deaf.

Both initially gave the officers false names.

They had told the officers that the items they were carrying had come from shops in Bury, but one of the items was recognised as coming from the Skipton charity shop.

Tudor, whose friend was dealt with at an earlier hearing, admitted theft through an interpreter.

She said she had failed to answer bail to an earlier court appearance as she had been giving birth.

She said she was very sorry and it had been her friend who had persuaded her to steal from the charity shop and give a false identity to police.

Tudor was told by magistrates that it was inexcusable to steal from charity shops. She was given a six month conditional discharge and ordered to pay costs of £100 and a victims surcharge of £15.