Plans for a new £70,000 playground next to Steeton’s Community Hub have been finalised.

However, the parish council cannot submit funding applications for the under 12s play area for the next three months.

It must wait until the next financial year because its target organisations have already given money recently for other projects in the village.

Steeton-with-Eastburn Parish Council is confident of attracting money from environmental funding bodies WREN and Yorventure.

Council chairman David Mullen said that in recent years the organisations had funded three projects, the Community Hub, Steeton’s playground for older children and improvements at Eastburn playing fields.

The Hub – a community centre for residents of both Steeton and Eastburn – was built last year next to Steeton bowling green.

Coun Mullen said the parish council always intended to improve the rundown play area that lies on the same site.

He said: “People are still using it, but it’s not fit for purpose, so everything there will go.

“We’re putting various pieces of equipment in, and benches for mums and dads. The site will be fenced off so it will be safe.”

The playground plans, which were prepared after local children were asked for their ideas, are on display in the Community Hub.