West Craven High Technology College in Barnoldswick has appointed a new headteacher.

Craig Baker, who was deputy head at Allerton Grange High School in Leeds, said he had a broad range of experience working in both small and large state schools.

And he is excited to get the opportunity to work in a small school like West Craven, which only has 600 pupils.

“You know the pupils extremely well,” said Mr Baker. “Small schools can cater to their needs and create bespoke programmes for individuals.”

Mr Baker, 45, grew up in Manchester and was a physics teacher before moving into school management. “I like rockets, lasers and explosions,” said Mr Baker, who believes in exciting teaching.

He said the school’s new art and maths block could be completed in 12 months and would help give the school more modern facilities.

“We’re also looking a expanding the school’s ICT strategy,” said Mr Baker.

In a recent meeting with parents, Mr Baker told them he wanted the children to be safe, happy and successful.

“We can’t have any of those without the others,” he added.

He also stressed the importance of building family links with the community.