Fire crews have extinguished a blaze at an Earby mill this morning.
Crews from Earby, Colne, Nelson and Blackburn were called to the scene of a fire at Wardle Storeys, on Grove Street, at 6.26am.
Heavy smoke had been coming from the four-storey building, which is used for plastic production.
A spokesman for the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said: “The fire, which started in the calendar department, caused damage large quantity of recycled plastic, an electrical control panel and ten metres of electrical cable.”
Eight firefighters wearing breathing apparatuses used two jets and hose reel to extinguish the fire by 9am.
The building was heavily smoke logged, and two ventilation units had to be used to help clear smoke from the structure.
The fire service spokesman also credited the company for the installation of sprinklers, which mitigated the damage.
He said: “Because the building was fitted with sprinklers, the fire was able to be put out quicker. This allowed the firefighters to deal with it before it spread.”