Just hours after being released from prison a Skipton man repeatedly kicked a car parked opposite his father’s house, the town’s magistrates heard.

Twenty-six-year-old Craig Boyd, jailed for 18 weeks in November for criminal damage to cars and a Foundation Housing flat, admitted damaging a car parked in Clitheroe Street in the early hours of January 24.

Boyd, who appeared at Skipton Magistrates' Court in custody, was given conditional bail and told to expect anything from a community sentence to custody following the completion of an all- options report.

The court heard that Boyd had been released from prison on January 23 and had gone out for the evening with his father and brother.

Later, he had returned to his father’s home in Clitheroe Street where he had kicked a car owned by the granddaughter of people living opposite.

He had been shouted at out of the window, to which he had responded with strong language.

His father, in a statement read out in court, said he had been asleep when he heard his son come back into the house at about 1.30am.

He had asked him what he was up to and had detected he had been smoking skunk cannabis.

“I could see he had been smoking skunk, he is at his angriest when he has been smoking that,” said Mr Boyd.

The defendant, who admitted criminal damage, was now living with his mother in Moorview Way, the court was told. In mitigation, John Mewies asked for a full report to be compiled before sentencing as Boyd clearly had issues.

Boyd was allowed bail on condition he remained at his mother’s address in Moorview Way between 8pm and 8am and co-operated with the probation service.