Craven MP Julian Smith has accused an organisation representing senior police officers of being “a failed institution that is bordering on corrupt”.

Mr Smith made the damning accusation, about the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), during a Commons debate. He refused to withdraw the comment when challenged by the Shadow Minister for Home Affairs, Jack Dromey.

The debate related to a review into the ACPO by General Sir Nick Parker.

“The review is excellent, but it failed to identify and to nail the heart of the problems at ACPO, which come from a group of men, largely, protecting their jobs over decades,” said Mr Smith.

He added: “An organisation that offers jobs to ex-officers without following the procurement processes that it created displays a form of corruption.

“It is a club working in its own interests. The report does not identify that, just as it does not identify the organisation’s moral vacuum.

“The Home Office should be much more focused on ensuring that any money that it pays for ongoing projects does not seep over into the overall running of this organisation. ACPO should be wound up.”