A Hellifield woman has vowed to keep her community free of dog muck.

Sixty-five-year-old Patsy Mellor sprung into action after a resident reported that people were letting their dogs foul on Haw Lane and then not picking up after them.

Mrs Mellor, who lives on Rowan Lane, said she had gone along the lane – a popular starting point for walks – and, in one week, had picked up 15 bags of dog waste.

Although the road is used by ramblers, she said it was villagers, and not ramblers, who were the biggest culprits.

She added it was only a small number of dog walkers who were not taking responsibility for their pets.

“It’s only a small proportion of dog walkers who aren’t picking up,” said Mrs Mellor. “The majority who go up the lane pick it up.

“I’m not anti-dog, I just think not picking up makes it unpleasant for people on bikes and those with small children.

“I’d just like to keep this a nice area, so I will carry on picking up the dog dirt and litter-picking. I don’t moan about it, I do something about it,” she added.

Mrs Mellor said she often reminded dog walkers to pick up after their pets on the lane.

“The people who don’t pick up after their dogs are not happy about being challenged, but those who do pick up don’t mind me asking. A lot of dog walkers do support me and have thanked me for what I’m doing,” she added.

Mrs Mellor said her supply of bags was running low and would like anyone willing to donate some bags to ring her on (01729) 851823.