A family history expert in Silsden has reunited a Scottish family with a First World War medal – 95 years after it was awarded.

Tim Hodge tracked down Private Robert Nimmo’s family to Falkirk after being given the Victory Medal by his father.

Tim’s father Albert originally gave him two Victory medals, with the suggestion he sold them on eBay.

The medals were each engraved with a soldier’s name, and Tim realised one was his own great-uncle William.

He said: “I had our medal, but I thought it was a shame that Robert Nimmo’s family didn’t have his medal.”

Tim, who runs a family tree research service with his partner Carole Bolton, used his genealogical skills to learn about Private Nimmo.

The soldier had served with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and Seaforth Highlanders, and was awarded the Victory Medal for serving on the front line in France during the last year of the First World War.

After the war ended in 1918, Private Nimmo stayed on as part of the occupying forces on the Rhine until he was discharged in November 1919.

Tim put an appeal in the Falkirk Herald, which drew a response from Private Nimmo’s great nieces, Elizabeth Grant and Mary Nimmo.”

Elizabeth, 65, said: “The medal has huge sentimental value for the family. It’s been quite emotional having it returned.”