Morrisons has started delivering groceries ordered online to households in Skipton.

The Bradford-based retailer, which launched its online groceries business in the Midlands last month, is anticipating strong demand for the new service.

Local deliveries started on Monday.

Morrisons promises to deliver orders within a one-hour time frame – half that of many of rivals – to ensure customers do not have to wait in too long.

Customers will pay £1, £3, or £5 for deliveries, depending on the time of day. Each order must be worth at least £40.

Morrisons is pitching its online operation as a “virtual store” with customers able to place orders with butchers, bakers and fishmongers for specific cuts of meat.

Bread is baked specially for the online service.

Before taking delivery of goods, customers will be able to check every item and reject those they do not think meets the right quality or use-by dates.

A Morrisons spokesman said: “We’re trying to marry the online operation to the in-store experience with a strong focus on the freshness and quality of our food.

“To date, we’ve had very few rejections or complaints.

“There was strong interest in”