Outline plans to build two new houses on a former quarry in Draughton have been approved by Craven District Council.

The scheme, by the owners of Draughton House, was refused permission by the council last year because of concerns over the suitability of the site and the lack of supporting material.

But, at Monday’s planning committee meeting, councillors were told that resubmitted plans for the site had included a report on the land quality assessment.

Principal planning officer Mark Moore reminded the committee that the only reason the earlier scheme had been rejected was because of the lack of supporting material.

Although in outline only, indications were that the two houses would be detached, four-bedroom properties with attached garages with one on a mound at the top of the former quarry, and the other at the bottom.

Applicant Nigel Hargreaves, who built his own house on the site in the 1980s, told the committee he had now produced a land quality assessment, but there was still a long way to go before the houses were built.