Advertising signs directing shoppers within the new £8.5 million Albion Place development in Skipton have been given partial approval by Craven District Council.

Although councillors agreed to a sign at the Jerry Croft junction with High Street, and to wall mounted signs in Museum Yard, they turned down two large ones planned for the side of the building opposite Marks and Spencer.

The signs – which had already been opposed by the town council because it felt they were not in keeping with the area – were intended to direct shoppers from the town hall car park and from the High Street.

All signage was recommended for approval by planning officers and it was pointed out that refusal could result in retailers submitting individual applications, resulting in less control.

But ward councillor Marcia Turner (Cons) said she had no problems with the High Street or Museum Yard signs, but the others were too large, would stand out and, by their nature, could create a noise.

She was also concerned that it could create a precedent and lead to signs at Craven Court.

Coun Ady Green (Cons) thought it totally acceptable that retailers would want to advertise and that people needed to be shown where to go, but Coun John Kerwin-Davey (Ind) disagreed, saying the signs opposite Marks and Spencer were unattractive and unnecessary.