A one-day woodland archaeology course will be held in Swartha Wood, Silsden.

Led by John Morris from the Chiltern Woodlands Project, the course – which takes place on Wednesday – includes an illustrated talk, and a visit to the woodland, which has a rich industrial history with an interesting link with metalworking, particularly nail-making.

There is also a Victorian aqueduct, hidden in the heart of the wood, which supplied water to Bradford when industry was booming.

Ben Scotting, of Yorwoods, said: “The appropriate management of the historical and cultural features of our woodlands is being recognised as an important part of forest planning and this is key to new operations such as felling for firewood. We want to help land managers and owners improve their understanding of archaeology now to help their management of the forests of tomorrow.”

The course has a funded rate of £40, excluding VAT, and for more information e-mail ben.scotting@ yorwoods.org.uk or call 01765 609355.