Three teachers had a hair-erasing experience – but it was all for a good cause.

Paul Morrison, David Swinney and Chris Bell lost their locks as part of a charity extravaganza at South Craven School, Cross Hills.

The head shave – on Friday – was among several activities organised by the year 10 student council, primarily Lewis Mamwell and Lauren Wurzal.

Council members had to raise £100 per teacher, which they achieved through collections and donations.

“The students watched in awed silence as the clippers sheared off the locks of the teachers – and everyone then clapped their approval!” said the school’s press relations officer, Pauline Kennedy.

“Mr Morrison was proclaimed the beauty of the trio at the end.”

The school’s Fells Hall was packed for the head shave and for the finals of a year 10 talent competition featuring Alex Sanchez and Callum Spencer. Pupils paid 20p each for a seat at the event.

Together the activities are expected to raise several hundred pounds for Leeds Marrow, a student branch of the Anthony Nolan charity run by volunteers from the Leeds universities.