Councillors have called for a review of the lane structure and cutting back foliage at Kildwick roundabout.

The move comes after North Yorkshire county councillor Patrick Mulligan (Cons) reviewed the county’s road accident statistics with members of Farnhill Parish Council.

He said the report, published at the end of last year, was already out of date as it contained accident figures for 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Coun Mulligan, who represents the Airedale ward, said the Kildwick roundabout was quite high on the list of accident blackspots, despite lining and surfacing improvements in 2011.

The parish council resolved to write a letter to the county’s director of highways asking for a review of the lane structure and repainting of road signage at the roundabout.

“The lining and directions are very poor and it’s unclear what lane you’re supposed to be in,” said Coun Patrick Mulligan.

Coun Gemma Harling, chairman of Farnhill Parish Council, said there had been a number of near-misses by drivers using the lane that exits at Kildwick “But the statistics don’t allow for near-misses,” she said.

The council will also ask if foliage on the roundabout could be cut back so all exit routes could be clearly visible.

Coun Harling said: “While it’s very nice to have greenery in the middle of the roundabout, people can miss the Kildwick turn-off. They should also cut back the foliage to make it easier for people coming from the village to see all the exits on the roundabout.

“Some people think the foliage is good because it makes you slow down,” said Coun Mulligan, but he agreed it could be difficult for drivers because they could not see the other exits.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire highways said: “Statistics show there have been three slight collisions since the improvement scheme was introduced over two years ago. Because of the random nature of the collisions we do not intend to introduce additional measures.

“The leg identified on the high-risk site list has had no accidents since the measures were implemented, which is obviously encouraging and there is no record of any collisions involving vehicles exiting the roundabout to Kildwick.

“We have investigated concerns regarding vegetation on the island but no remedial action was deemed necessary.”