A group of young people from Skipton YMCA have returned from Scotland after a couple of days without electronic gadgetry.

Together with a team of community champions from Tesco, they experienced extreme camping in the middle of the 300 square acre Galloway Forest Park, Britain’s largest forest.

The five from Tesco, and eight from Pinder House YMCA, spent two nights out in the wild, cooking on campfires, watching buzzards, and with no mobile phone reception.

Steven Freakes, from the YMCA, said it was a fabulous experience. “We were surrounded by trees and completely off the grid, it was quite liberating in some respects to not be able to use phones and people were saying it was nice not to be getting texts all the time,” he said.

Despite it being the winter, the weather was not too cold. Those who went from the YMCA were: Jonny Boylan, Jamie Cooper, Jordan Blair, Olli Hanlon, Tara Stokes, Martin Crossland and Kathryn Beaumont, and from Tesco were: Keith Moorby, Megan Graham, Mat Raw, Jonny Shaw and Devon Abbott.