Councillors have hit back at claims by a fellow politician that proposed double yellow lines in Steeton are “overkill”.

Adrian Naylor and David Mullen say the new parking regulations in Thornhill Road are the correct response to the building of a new housing estate.

They say the double yellow lines – requested by residents – will help tackle the long-running problem of nuisance parking by staff and visitors to nearby Airedale Hospital.

Coun Andrew Mallinson, who represents Craven ward on Bradford Council, last month revealed Bradford Council’s plans to paint double yellow lines on most of Thornhill Road.

He said he welcomed restrictions on part of the road, particularly around junctions at the new 206-home Redrow development, but he branded the proposals as “over the top”.

Fellow district councillor Adrian Naylor has responded, saying the proposals had been the subject of a number of meetings between police, Bradford Council and Steeton-with-Eastburn Parish Council.

He said: “They took into account the representations made by local people. They will reduce indiscriminate parking.

“There is a need to control parking in this area, especially since there is a new housing development and an increase in parking from the hospital.”

Parish council chairman David Mullen said the yellow lines proposed for the upper section of Thornhill Road were far from overkill.

He said: “They are a direct response to public lobbying and are needed to address the concerns and fears of local residents.

“The need for parking on Thornhill Road to be controlled is one that is raised at every public forum. If parking is controlled it will make it safer for the vast majority of sensible residents.”