An “exceptional young man” who took exception to being ejected from Skipton’s Strata nightclub has been ordered to pay £1,360 by magistrates.

Samuel Athersmith, 23, was acting out of character when he took his anger out on a phone box and a car after being thrown out of the club on January 25, the court heard on Friday.

He had returned to the club to apologise to door staff when he was recognised as being responsible for damage to the car and arrested, the court was told.

Athersmith, who admitted criminal damage, was well thought of by his employers and carried out charity work with disabled youngsters, the court heard in mitigation.

He had felt a degree of injustice over why he had been asked to leave the club and there had been a suggestion of excessive force used by club staff, said defence solicitor John Mewies.

Magistrates fined Athersmith, of Burnside Crescent, Skipton, £250 and ordered him to pay costs of £85 and a victims surcharge of £25. They also ordered him to pay £1,000 compensation to Hamza Tariq Ali, the owner of the car.