A mechanical engineering student from Clapham is helping to develop a prosthetic fin to enable a woman who lost a leg in a accident to learn to scuba dive.

Lewis Jones, 21, has been designing a prototype knee joint to help 53-year-old Sue Wright, a member of the British Sub Aqua Club, explore the underwater world as a fully qualified BSAC ocean diver.

Sue was severely injured when a van lost control, mounted the pavement and smashed into her.

Lewis said: “It’s proved difficult to come up with something that replicates the knee joint without the use of electronics. I have tried to keep it as simple as possible.

“I’ve dived myself so appreciate what Sue needs. She is a remarkable and incredibly inspirational lady.”

Sue, a former office manager, said she had been struggling to swim underwater as she could only use one fin on her right foot.

She added: “I get tired as my right leg, which was also badly damaged in the accident, has to do all the work.

“However, it’s not just about having a prosthetic leg I can use to help me fin, I also need to be able to wear it to get to and from the dive boat and so I can carry all my dive equipment.”

For more information about BSAC, the national governing body for scuba diving in the UK, go to www.bsac.com