A Barnoldswick high school has marked the last leg of a £6.2 million refurbishment by announcing the addition of a new student common room.

The room, due to be finished in September, will be made available to year 11 students studying at West Craven High Technology College, thanks to local construction company Keepmoat.

The firm began the renovation of West Craven in October 2012 and has now donated £1,000 to establish a common room to thank the pupils for their understanding during the building works.

Keepmoat has carried out all the works on the largest investment in the school’s infrastructure since it was built 70 years ago.

The work has seen the erection of a two storey extension to house new classrooms and extensive modernisation of existing parts of the school.

The investment by Lancashire County Council, which is expected to be finished in September, has seen the school zoned into specialisms, with creative arts on the top floor and a new dedicated maths area.

The modernisation also includes the introduction of c-touch TV screens and an all-weather pitch.

After 39 years at West Craven, Roy Barnes retired as deputy headteacher last year, but has remained at the school to oversee the building work.

Mr Barnes, 62, said: “This is the biggest investment the school has ever seen and will bring West Craven well and truly into the 21st century.

“The school has been waiting for a common room for the last 16 years, and now thanks to Keepmoat we can finally give our students a place to relax and study ahead of their GCSEs.

“The students and parents are really excited to see the new school take shape.”

Mike Burridge, project manager at Keepmoat, said: “This has been a major undertaking for the school and the pupils, as much of the work has been carried out during term time over the last year.

“Keepmoat is proud to have carried out the largest investment in the school’s 70-year history and we thought the donation of £1,000 for a common room was a fitting way to thank the pupils for their patience during the building work.”