Eight local people raised money towards awareness for youth homelessness by sleeping rough on Barnoldswick Town Square.

The SleepEasyBarlick event, held earlier this month, was organised by 18-year-old Barnoldswick resident Lyle Davy and county councillor Paul White, who were joined by Earby councillor Jessica Spence, Pendle Council leader Coun Joe Cooney, family and friends.

Lyle said: “We’ve learnt so much about youth homelessness and hopefully we’re in a good position to help more in the future.

“People think about homelessness and think about people sleeping on the streets, but youth homelessness is quite often sofa surfing, hopping from place to place. The people we’ve met through the project come from all walks of life.”

Coun White said: “It was cold and the sleep was very interrupted. It made us think hard about people who have to do that day in day out.”

The group raised around £1,000 for the YMCA.