A skip wagon driver has been ordered to pay £740 after being found guilty by Skipton magistrates of driving while using his mobile phone.

Richard Barnes, 28, was stopped by two police officers after he drove past them on Keighley Road, Skipton, on August 7 last year with his phone in his hand and appearing to use it, the court heard on Monday.

Barnes denied using his phone while driving, saying he had in fact been holding a piece of paper checking the details of his next job.

Defence solicitor Graeme Tindall pointed out that the phone – a Samsung Galaxy smartphone – would be illuminated if in use and that phone records showed no evidence of calls being made at that time – although details of text messages were recorded on the day, but with no times.

But magistrates, after hearing evidence from both officers, decided he had been using his phone and found him guilty.

Barnes, of Nora Street, Barrowford, who already had three points on his licence, had his licence endorsed with three penalty points and was fined £100.

He was also ordered to pay costs of £620 and a victims’ surcharge of £20.