Kettlewell School pupils will soon be able to watch what is going on at a local farm - without stepping foot outside their classroom.

Via a computer link, they will be able to zoom in on “hide cams” located in different habitats at Nethergill Farm in Oughtershaw.

And, as a foretaste of what’s to come, farm owners Chris and Fiona Clark popped into the school to introduce themselves and explain the aims of their 388-acre working hill farm.

The couple are keen to create a sustainable farm where wildlife thrives and they hope that the webcams will be viewed by schools, colleges and wildlife groups throughout Yorkshire and beyond.

As a taster session, Chris and Fiona helped the Kettlewell children make lights out of reeds and explained that, in the 18th century, many people could not afford candlewax to light their homes.

“It is going to be a fantastic scheme,” said school manager Tracy Briggs. “How lucky are we to have Nethergill Farm on our doorstep - and to have superfast broadband for the computer link?”